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Lady Don't Tek No

This song is by Latyrx.

Lady don't take no shit insists on respect
The sister walks around lookin' womanish
She won't speak less it's something worth sayin'
Don't play, the girl take herself so seriously
People stare curiously
She got a natural way, her hips sway furiously, yet luxoriously
Carries herself like the cutest most purdiest
Thing you've seen, this side of the bay
Goes about her business so purposefully
She got a razor sharp wit and she just won't quit
Flauntin it, body built like a house made outta bricks
She got the smile, the style and finesse
Compounded with the blessed and profound intellect
Select few, have ever seen her butt naked
And they too wanna see the rep protected, cause...

She don't like violence
But she can throw them things,
So don't let your guard down
Her thighs are soft but her eyes are hard
You can't just try tell her c'mon now
She digs Angela Davis, Alice Walker, Nicki Giovanni, o honey
Say she wanna be a doctor, and someday
I'm sure she gonna be treatin somebody
School and street smarts, girl ain't no dummy
Wants economic empowerment, it ain't about the money
Boys and gals both all start act funny whenever the queen's coming around the town yeah

Sweet and tight, polite and right, outta sight, dynamite, with a freaky side
That you can't quite see, but she can't quite hide
And it lies in her gentle command of the night

Wherever you took my head baby send it home, send it on home
I really think I lost my head cause this females on a whole new throne
All the clerks wanna offer you help, older folks compliment your style
Little children wanna jump in your lap, girl I wanna do that myself
She ain't no innocent Hello Kitty chick, she's committed sins and ain't finished yet
But, because of her dis-po-sit-ion, she ain't subject to crit-i-cizm
That's why the other women started mimickin,
She ain't tripping off no images,
Her interests are all limitless, she ain't limited by inhibition, Lord no
Boundless imagination, she bounced this idea off me, Jack
That had me out in space, somewhere just floatin not knowin' the way back
You know I can't always fathom everything that you're saying bout half the time
But when I hear your voice you support your point,
With all of all of that body language girl

It's all right, It's all right, it's all right now,
I look right in your eyes, ask you how'd you get so deep
(How'd you get so deep)
Just when I think I know your style, I notice something I ain't peeped
Don't give me no silent treatment girl
Ain't bound by obligation, no no no

When I meet you I'm gonna try and be there
I'mma prove to you baby that I care about ya
'Cause I sense something subtly rare about you
A certain savoir-faire in the air about you
Want a little bit of that there, yeah, yeah

(Laced vocals that fade out...)

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