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​Not The One

This song is by Late Tuesday and appears on the album Remember We Forget (2004).

We've been curious for quite sometime
I know you want something to start
But you and I keep getting all our signals crossed
Searching for sparks to fly

But it's like trying
To start a fire in a swimming pool
Or making crackers out of lemonade
Trying to stargaze on a cloudy afternoon
I'm never going to be the one for you sweet friend
You know I'm not the one
I wish I was

The things you do for me are very nice
But I keep thinking you don't get me
And I can tell that I am not the best for you
It seems so useless to attempt

It would be like trying to drive us to Australia
Or growing chocolate trees by planting Hershey bars
So basically dear - maybe in another world
But here I'm really not the one for you
You know I'm not the one
I wish I was