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​I Know

This song is by Late Tuesday and appears on the album Late Tuesday (2001).

Holding me close, he's always protected me
The calm in the storm, the joy that surrounds me
But left in my chains my emotions take over
My soul could be dead, but you've never left me

I never knew your heart 'til now
I never knew your soul
I'm crazy about the way he walks, the things he'll do
But now I know - I love you

It breaks me apart, oh like no other
My selfishness grows and my emotions take over
But wherever I am or how betrayed I become
I know that you will stand by me when all else is gone

Yeah the one thing I know is your love is constant
And brokenness comes but you will take me away from this place
Once again

Time goes by (fruit bears every slowly)
Joy returns (in spite of my impatience)
Life comes back (she'll get back up)
He strengthens her (however weak she may be)