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Mad Dogs and Englishmen

This song is by Late of the Pier and appears on the album Fantasy Black Channel (2008).

Broken watches
Feeling fractious
I know you don't love it so

Falling over
Off the tyre
I-I know it seems too far

This garden is growing over
This hard ice I'm roaming on
Watch out
Fat chance that you'll ever get another
Chance to be a cover up
My head and wipe a flannel

Falling over
Aeroplanes and
Wanting to be a derelict
What to cover?
Love each other
I know, lie lie lie

This garden is growing over
And nothing can ever be said for you
And that's just
Here's your answer
Why bother?
I've never been nothing other
Than the boy with the words
That lose control


Written by:

Sam Eastgate

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