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This song is by Last Wednesday and appears on the single Lumbajack (2011).

Yo, I'm Lumbajack
Choppin' down the trees with my battle axe
I do believe that it's a matter of fact
That if you lived in the forest
Where I was born and raised
You'll be half dead and more than three fourths crazed

Well, I was raised by the wolves
Till the age of fifteen
I wrestled all the bears
And owned the Berenstains
Then I beat up Jack
And stole his magic bean
Now I rock the flannel
And I chop down trees

You know, Stephen
I've been thinking about trees
They're really our friends
We shouldn't be cutting them down so much
But why do we cut them down
We have enough food
We have enough farmland
Maybe we just like killing small animals

You know I hate the trees
That's why I cut them down
And I hate their leaves
That's why I burn them down
And if Treebeard don't agree
Then I'll cut him down
'Cause I don't mean
To be pushed around

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