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The King Is Dead

This song is by Last Train Home and appears on the album Last Train Home (1998).

I went out walking, snow on the ground
I went out walking wearing my paper crown
Ice on the river went floating by
Crows turning circles in the sky

I didn't know where I was headed
But I turned up at your door
I went through all the letters in your mailbox
Then I rang the bell a half dozen times

I kept on walking to the railroad bridge
Then I saw you walking on the railroad bridge
We met in the middle, I could see your breath
I was hoping for a smile from you but I guess you had none left

You said: Did you walk all this way to say you're sorry?
Well sorry, sorry's not even the point
Your words of regret are only words
The barn door's open and the horses they're all gone

So I kept on walking across the railroad bridge
The tracks were shining like the fender on a brand new bike
I remembered the paper crown sitting on my head
I threw it in the river, now the king is dead

The king is dead, the king is dead, his kingdom for a horse
To saddle up and ride
He'll catch her if he hurries and if she'll let him
If she wants him riding by her side

Written by:

Eric Brace

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