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St. Elmo's Blues

This song is by Last Train Home and appears on the album Last Train Home (1998).

Saint Elmo's blue
He's lost his sailing shoes
He couldn't believe it when he heard the news
They took away his fire
The saint's retired

He walked down to the water
Stopped a passing sailor
And said please don't pray to Peter
You know he stole my fire
He said he was a saint but he's a liar

He flew over the ocean
To see if it was true
Stopped at every fishing boat
And tried to light the sail
To no avail

He turned around and he headed home
Still bleeding from his wounds
Wondering just how much does
A saint has to prove
What more can I do?

Saint Elmo's blue
He's got a lot of time and nothing to do
Saint Elmo's blue


Written by:

Eric Brace

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