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This song is by Last Train Home and appears on the album Time and Water (2003).

After all the things you did, and after all the things you said
And how you tried to make me think that it was all in my head, I still like you
And even though you hurt me, when you gave me back my shirt, the one you used to wear
I still like you

I thought it was a marathon, you made it a dash
But every guy will tell you that it's fun to watch things crash, so, I still like you
And even from a distance, I find it hard to turn my eyes away
I still like you

I can't help that you're my weakness, I can do no wrong
I have learned to love my weakness, why should I be strong?

Lorelei, my Lorelei, I've crashed upon your rocks
I know they come to hear you sing, but I would only die if you would only talk to me
And with name like Lorelei, does anybody still wonder
Why I still like you?

I still like you... repeat 2x


  • Alan Brace - harmony vocals
  • Eric Brace - resophonic guitar, lead vocals
  • J. Carson Gray - bass
  • Jeff Lang - electric lead guitar, harmony vocals
  • Martin Lynds - drums

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