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If I Never See Mary Again

This song is by Larry Santos and appears on the album You Are Everything I Need (1976).

In the morning when everything's right
And I'm warmed by the sunshine and light
I don't care if I never see Mary again
It don't matter to me there and then
But when the day is done and I'm riding low
And I'm wondering where Mary will go
I don't care if I never see daylight again
I want Mary and all that she's been

And I wonder if she's wanting me
Oh, I wonder if she wakes up feeling good like I do
It's easy to live in the day
But the nighttime brings Mary and it won't go away

And I've found that the longer she's gone
And (Now) I'm dreading the daylight and dawn
I'm afraid that I'll never see Mary again
But it won't matter
'Cause my life will end if I never see Mary again


Written by:

Larry Santos, Dan Yessian

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