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Gotta Get Out

This song is by Larry Joe Taylor and appears on the album Times (2007).

I don't know if it was what I said
Or more about what I did
Maybe it was all put in my head
Back when I was a kid

I gotta lightin' up, loose the guilt
Focus on being alive
You only get to choose how you live
Not how you die

I gotta get out, I gotta get out
I gotta get out, I gotta get out
Out of my own way, out of my own way


Everybody's got there own deamons
I ain't throwin' no stones
Everybody's jumpin' off the deep end
With their own closet full of bones

I don't care about all that biz
Or really what it's all about
I don't know if there really is
Any way out


The last thing you believe in
Must take you to the other side
Last thing you'll be seen in
Won't survive

The whole thing just last long enough
To really get your mind intrigued
Then somethin' starts tuggin' on your cuff
Says boy, it's time to leave

Written by:

Larry Joe Taylor

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