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Power Of Lard EP (1989)Edit

Lard - Power Of Lard EP
Power Of Lard EP
  1. The Power Of Lard
  2. Hellfudge
  3. Time To Melt

The Last Temptation Of Reid (1990)Edit

Lard - The Last Temptation Of Reid
The Last Temptation Of Reid
  1. Forkboy
  2. Pineapple Face
  3. Mate Spawn & Die
  4. Drug Raid At 4 AM
  5. Can God Fill Teeth?
  6. Bozo Skeleton
  7. Sylvestre Matuschka
  8. They're Coming To Take Me Away
  9. I Am Your Clock

Pure Chewing Satisfaction (1997)Edit

Lard - Pure Chewing Satisfaction
Pure Chewing Satisfaction
  1. War Pimp Renaissance
  2. I Wanna Be A Drug-Sniffing Dog
  3. Moths
  4. Generation Execute
  5. Faith Hope And Treachery
  6. Peeling Back The Foreskin Of Liberty
  7. Mangoat
  8. Sidewinder

70's Rock Must Die (2000)Edit

Lard - 70's Rock Must Die
70's Rock Must Die
  1. 70's Rock Must Die
  2. Volcanus 2000 (We Wipe the World)
  3. Ballad Of Marshall Ledbetter

Additional information

Band members:
  • Jello Biafra - Vocals
  • Al Jourgensen - Guitar
  • Paul Barker - Bass
  • Jeff Ward - Drums
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