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This song is by Lanewin and appears on the album AUTUUA (2010).

You dreamt of war as way of living
Megalomania - your constant sin.
To overcome your lust for power
Meant for you to give in.

Do you remember the beginning:
Two tiny dots in endless world?
Why did we have to meet your wishes?
You're not a saint, not our Lord!

Really painful... my first dismission...
You begged forgiveness and I forgave.
Did you think that would continue
From beginning to world's grave?

Second time was last...
I can't forgive twice...

I gave you chance - you didn't exploit it.
My patience's not infinite.
Don't you think you were at fault?
You've ruined everything, destruction is complete!

Delusiveness will not continue
As it used to at beginning.
Are you a god for my infidel soul?
Did you give me rain? NO!

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