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Dark Love

This song is by Lanewin and appears on the album AUTUUA (2010).

Never lived in the past before...
Now memories torment my heart.
Being with you I needed nothing more,
Dear, I loved you like no one had loved!

Why did you give me only your pain?
Killing by wisdom all feelings inside,
You forced our happiness not to remain,
Today I'll finally make up my mind!

Look! It is another me!

Don't touch me like you used to touch!
Don't look at me like you used to look!
Want to return back but I want it not so much!
My love departed with heart pain you took.

Have I made up my mind?
Burning bridge I crossed
Can't decide yet. Why?
Time is lost.

Am I hurting you?
I feel the same pain.
Am I leaving you?
It's you who goes away!

Endless travelling through depths of your eyes
Doesn't bring to me that remote paradise.
Bright bridge united our hearts is burnt.
I don't live in the past. Nothing can be returned.

To love each other forevermore -
This wish now seems naive fairytale.
Vivid memories are getting pale...
I don't love you, dear friend, anymore!

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