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The Weaker the Prey

This song is by Landmine Marathon and appears on the split album Landmine Marathon / The Funeral Pyre (2009) by Landmine Marathon and The Funeral Pyre.

Death untold
We become the prey

Eyes ablaze
Deaf and dazed
Blackened paths
They betray

Running from a face unseen
Too weak to hide crawling through waste
Wounded with our own intellect
Purging of bodies saves the race

Face my eyes
As you hunt my soul
Undead cries
Of undead souls
Descend deny
Through nails
Through old
Betray my life
A death untold

Let winter preserve
The forgotten carnage
Let spring rot it all away
Twilight will emerge
We become the prey
Weaker is the mind
Of the unseen face

Waste my body
Burn my soul
Betray my life
A death untold

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