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Rise with the Tide

This song is by Landmine Marathon and appears on the split album Landmine Marathon / Scarecrow (2008) by Landmine Marathon and Scarecrow and on the album Sovereign Descent (2010).

Stigma. Break our stigma. Become an iconoclast
Seize this virtue that is so faint we realise our own
Significance and are consumed with hypnotic fervent.
And so the lamented minds of those who live to hate.
Languished with unclouded fires my blushing palms
Swell and rage this uncharted maze leaves all life behind
We begin to rise with the tide. And so the lamented
Minds of those who live to hate are drunk with self
Disgust guided by vanity. Inbreed and put to rest is
The life of all humanity. Let there be one less oceans edge
Smeared with forgotten graves one less mother with a
Lipless grin drowning in her faith we set the stage
We live to hate