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Flood the Earth

This song is by Landmine Marathon and appears on the album Sovereign Descent (2010).

A wife's contempt a mother's filth drinking tar
Inhaling flames always lusting after daughters until their bellies
Swell unnamed your iron glove slips so easy your silver tongue
Scores watching you tear apart door after door. Less than death
Cradle of war less than death bodies unborn. Walking these
Blurred lines drawn from complacent minds always from the
Same unknown swelling up to make up for everything that
Surrounds you lovers sleep loveless daughters get your guns
And bury me in these walls. Screaming nectar floods the earth
Clouded minds are kept at bay. I can drink the nectar I inhale the
Flames swelling unborn bodies hideous the change. Emerging
Only in a solid state of waste screaming nectar floods the earth
Clouded minds are kept at bay emerging only in a solid state of
Waste. Internment undefined households redefined

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