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This song is by Landmine Marathon and appears on the album Sovereign Descent (2010).

Nailed in place
Fingers casting lines unmet
Through an unseen fog to only silhouettes

Injured ships are dragged
To off shore graves

There is nothing to discuss
On either side of our shorelines
Loving days are dying fast
Can we only hate the same

Resorting to indifference
Having no frame of reference

Pull me under
Drowning my affinity
In distance and obstinance

Pull me under
Drowning me by bottle or by boat

Last time I was here
It was so cold and I was in pieces
Shattered and broom swept
Cobblestone hands intertwine
First time last time every time

Searching for servility
Left with disparity
Drinks may dampen the blow
As our skin breaks too easy

Your primitive skin sinks like a stone
Casting empty lines to vacant minds

I will dry my salt-water eyes
Swimming deeper once again
Cutting my heart line
Cutting my heart line

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