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Cruel Policy

This song is by Landmine Marathon and appears on the album Sovereign Descent (2010).

Reflections on the water carry guilt with every glance. End
This cruel policy end this false prophecy, The incorruptible
Have been corrupted congratulating on our agony. Our
Judgement has been altered too many times we remain
Clouded and paved to the ground. Staining each and every
Page with ink assigning their own immortality. End this
Cruel policy end this false prophecy. I'll drag my own
Soulless body away from here. It's been
Bruised but never broken bought and sold but never owned.
Erecting pillars and platforms promising reform accept
This letter of gratitude it means mothing. The direction is
Far from up the corruption runs deep we are left all unheard
Screaming for peace

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