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This song is by Lambchop and appears on the album No You Cmon (2004).

When things blink just right
Like they're blinking here tonight
From the corner of my eye
They came, to be

Tell your trouble to
Someone stuck here just like you
Sucking in the smoke
Like it's going out of style

And I'll listen,
To what you've got to say
You said it any way to me
And you'll listen
Something special is at work
It's really not a chore to me

So put me in a bag
And bury me in rags
The lady upstairs,
She made, me strong

Can't make it to the bar
Can't make it to the bath
Caught up and confused
You give it up for this

And I, I will listen
To what you've got to say
You said it anyway, though you're not, not too sure
And you, you will listen
Because it means that much to you
You're everything I do, or see

They may not work it out

Written by:

Kurt Wagner

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