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Welcome To The West

This song is by Lake II (1978) and appears on the album Lake II (1978) by Lake.

Bring your mother your children your wife
And come to the west
You'll be welcome so take our advice
You know it's the best
Lots of money to buy what you like
So stand in the line
It's gonna be fine
Here in the west

Come along you don't have to be bright
You eat what you're fed
We don't care if you're black or you're white
Don't want no reds
Easy living and work for y'all
It's really a dream
Like nothing you've seen
Here in the west

Wake with the sunrise
Flow with the ebbtide
Long as you're happy we're pleased
Never commotion
Just time and motion
That's how we like it to be

Take your place on the factory floor
You'll soon get the hang
Now you're here our production should soar
The manager sang
Every Friday we'll give you some pay
Enough to survive
We'll keep you alive
Here in the west

Movies and nightbars
Freeways amd fast cars
Air - cooled apartments TV
Free education
Good medication
Sign on the line now it's free

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