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Paradise Way

This song is by Lake and appears on the album Paradise Island (1979) and on the live album Lake Live ... On The Run (1982).

No one ever takes a walk in the park
Gotta run, and you don't stop to say
Lovely day, on the way

When you sleep you need a friend by your side
Keep him under your pillow at night
Forty-five, by your side

In town, the people stay at home
On the street, you gotta fight to stay alive
The temperature is high, on the rise

Paradise way
Coming your way
Soon you can join the parade
Welcome to Paradise Way

At the school the pushers wait in a line
For the finishing bell to be rung
Catch 'em young, get 'em hung

Not a witness at the scene of the crime
As the police arrive sirens blare
Full of hate, they're always late

Don't fall, you'll start a landslide
Don't call, because you'll find that no one hears
They close their minds and ears, with their fear

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