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Living For Today

This song is by Lake and appears on the album Ouch (1980) and on the live album Lake Live ... On The Run (1982).

Hey we're living for today
You got to know that we love that livin'
Hey we're living for today
Gimme some of that sweet old living
Hey we're living for today
Playing safely can you call that living

We're taking a chance with every single day
We're playing it safe girl in much too many ways
Do you remember back in 1965
We said what we thought
But things have changed with time

Believe me, nothing can please me going on this way
Forget those seasonal sorrows
And start living for today

Hey we're living for today,
Hey we're living for today

We're tired of Life, with oh so little play
It used to be cool babe, like a summer holiday

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