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Jamaica High

This song is by Lake and appears on the album Ouch (1980) and on the live album Lake Live ... On The Run (1982).

Straight on arrival they tell you walk good
You gotta get right into the feelin',
Just get in the groove
Gotta get right into the feelin',
Ain't nothin' to hide
Throw away them shoes babe,
Jamaican style

Oh magic moment wading out Booby Cay
Where the only sound around you
Is the whispering sea
Yeah, the only sound around you
I tell you no lie
Gotta roll another baby
I'm Jamaican high

Light of Jamaica, you dazzelin smile
The rhythmn makes you ove
It's another big surprise light of Jamaica, in just one day
You'll be groovin' round it's a better way

Seen many places, been movin' around
But I've never been living in a country
Where there's only one sound
No I never been livin' in a land
Where all then people thea glow
Thought I'd tell you baby cause
You might like to know

Get away to another time
Get away it's Jamaica high

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