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Into The Night

This song is by Lake and appears on the album Paradise Island (1979).

Into the night
See the raging pack are hunting down their quarry
Howl of the wild
The shepherd guides his flock, he knows he'll have to hurry
Into the night
Through the snow hunting life
But it's harder to find
And the young run behind
As they wait for their time
Into the night

Run from the man
The stick of fire will kill us if he finds us orying
Fast as you can
Avoid the traps he lays or you'll be slowly dying
Over the land
They keep taking our prey
And they lock them away
Still our hunger grows
But we won't change our ways
To die in a cage

Into the night
The pack shall run again whenever man is sleeping
Cry in the night
Perhaps a mist will fall and make our hunting easy
Into the night
The mighty grey shall guide us to an easy quarry
No, we won't change our ways
To die in a cage

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