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Come On Home

This song is by Lake and appears on the album Ouch (1980).

Call any time
You'll find us here in the line
Awaiting gesture or sign
Just a word to say you're all right, all right

When you were young
You always played on your own
You never ran with the crowd,
We were proud
So come on home

Call any time
You'll find them tapping the line
Awaiting gesture or sign
Just a word to trace you out boy, our boy

But where are you now
We want to help you but how?
So if there's something you need, we'll be here
Just come on home ... the sun is shining
One more chance we'll do our best
All those years have been a struggle
You know the rest
In our hearts there was confusion
What was right and what was wrong
So illusive until we founf out
It was a dream we woke from
Now we can tell ...

Knocks on the daar
Policemen guns which are drawn
They say you've done something wrong
And we tell them that you're a quiet boy, quiet boy
Don't try to write, it'ss censured
Don't try to fight, you can't win
All you can do is to lose,
So come on home ...

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