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Chase The Dragon

This song is by Lake and appears on the album Voices (1985).

Out on the street
You see them standing under neon signs
Those homeless souls
Seeking survival for another day
They don't have friends to say
"Please can you put me up for one single night"
Because they've lost their way
They chase the dragon
Chase the dragon
Chase the dragon

Chase the wild dragon
Don't let him take away our children's lives
Put out the fire
Chase the wild dragon
Before he takes the world with his desire
You know he's a liar not a friend

Their frightened eyes
They just can't tell you what is wrong or right
A one way street
Going in circles till it starts again
You see them fade away, fade away
Like wounded creatures in the dead of the night
They go to seek the cave
To find the dragon
Find the dragon
Find the dragon

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