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This song is by Laime Pilnīga and appears on the album Dual (2011).

The sun goes down
Down through clouds
The day is gone
The night has come

World slip into peaceful calmness
Darkness pulls me in and lullaby
Mind dives in visions
Showing dreams too real
To save my sleep

I'm standing in far location
Don't know my destination, o no
I'm feeling strange vibrations
Sounds like a run of nations

Huge crowd of mixed up faces
Running fast like crazy horses
They chasing wind with madness
That looks like gold in their eyes

World falls into mindless chaos
People grabbing all that shines
Could it be like in real life
So it seems to me it's not a dream

Soon new day will rise
Still all of them are hypnotized
Will it last till the end of time
Feels like I'm a last in the line
I'll take one chance and try
And rise myself up to the sky
Let them be in a world of their own
I'll turn my face to face with dawn

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