Laibach:Kapital (1992)

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Album by Laibach.
  1. Decade Null
  2. Everlasting In Union
  3. Illumination
  4. Le Privilege Des Morts
  5. Codex Durex
  6. Hymn To The Black Sun
  7. Young Europa Pts 1-10
  8. The Hunter's Funeral Procession (From the "Wunderhorn" Trilogy)
  9. White Law
  10. Wirtschaft Ist Tot
  11. Torso
  12. Entartete Welt (The Discovery of the North Pole)
  13. Kinderreich
  14. Sponsored By Mars
  15. Regime Of Coincidence, State Of Gravity
  16. Steel Trust (Bonus track only on the LP & Cassette releases)
  • All three releases (LP, Cassette & CD) have different arrangements for each track.
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