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Rise of the Machines (2012)Edit

Laboratory 5 - Rise Of The Machines

Rise of the Machines

  1. Rise ov the Machines
  2. Psychosis
  3. Know Your Enemy
  4. Elements ov War (featuring GrapeFruitBat)
  5. Lock'n'Load
  6. Crisis Core
  7. Resurrect & Reconnect v.2012
  8. Alpha Prime
  9. Elements ov War (Technomancer Remix)
  10. Elements ov War (grapeFruitBat Remix)
  11. Know Your Enemy (grapeFruitBat Remix)
  12. Psychosis (Max|Static Remix)

Elements ov War (2014)Edit

Laboratory 5 - Elements Ov War

Elements ov War

  1. Elements ov War v2​.​0 (featuring GrapeFruitBat)
  2. Elements ov War (Technomancer Remix - Edit)
  3. Elements ov War (Fear Circuit Remix by Ion Plasma Incineration)
  4. Elements ov War (Sleepy'n Angry Remix by Supercraft)
  5. Alpha Prime (Instrumental Drumstep Remix)
  6. Psychosis (Mental Decay Remix by Max|Static)

Awake in the Dark (2014)Edit

Laboratory 5 - Awake In The Dark

Awake in the Dark

  1. Awake in the Dark
  2. Sektor 7
  3. Automatic (featuring Ion Plasma Incineration)
  4. Sub Level 07
  5. Existence
  6. Toxic Asylum
  7. Gravity Eraser
  8. Into the Unknown
  9. Survivor
  10. Awake in the Dark (Zone Tripper Remix)
  11. Existence (grapeFruitBat Remix)
  12. Automatic (Technomancer Extended Club Remix)

Automatic EP (2015)Edit

Laboratory 5 - Automatic EP

Automatic EP

  1. Automatic [v.2015] (featuring Ion Plasma Incineration)
  2. Gravity Eraser [v.2015]
  3. Automatic [Technomancer Instrumental Remix] (featuring Ion Plasma Incineration)
  4. Sektor 7 [Demo v.2011]
  5. Into the Unknown [v.2015]
  6. Gravity Eraser [AK0/Max|Static Version]

Additional information

Band members:
  1. Jay S. "Max|Static" Brindle - Composing, programming, lyrics, vocals
  2. Roy Julian "Technomancer" Digre - Co-writing, programming, mixing, lyrics, vocals
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