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The Vulture

This song is by Labi Siffre and appears on the album Remember My Song (1975).

They call me the vulture
'Cause that's my name
I fly high, around the town
Looking for game

Any girl who's lost her man
I'm by her side
As fast as I can
And I tell her things
That she wants to hear
I'm an evil man

Oh, I'm a vulture
Oh, I'm a vulture

I say, now that is over
What you gonna do
I'm so sad
That you're on your own
And your heart is a shelter

That man is gone
And is gone for good
He's gone and he's never
Coming back
And the love that you had
That was beautiful
But it's dead that is a fact

If you're looking for consolation
You don't have to look no more
And I fold my wings around
The girl I've made it for sure

Oh, I'm a vulture
Oh, I'm a vulture

When I fly into town
The work is around
The vulture's here
You'd better tie your baby down

Take a girl for a drink
Take her out for something to eat
Leave her just for a little while
Take a nature retreat

By the time
I've made it back
I've got a name
Address and a date

And you can see
By the far away look
In her eyes
That you've made it there
Much too late

Oh, I'm a vulture
Oh, I'm a vulture

Vulture's got class
Vulture's got style
Vulture can heal her
With a look or a smile

Vulture's in town
So you'd better beware
Married or single
I just don't care

Oh, I'm a vulture
Oh, I'm a vulture

Oh, I'm a vulture

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