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Wakin' Up The Dead (1989)Edit

LSU - Wakin' Up The Dead
Wakin' Up The Dead
  1. The Bomb
  2. Ocean Blue
  3. Touch
  4. House Of Love
  5. Revival Nineties
  6. Carry Me To Cairo
  7. Come Alive Again
  8. Dancin' In The Kettle
  9. I Need You So
  10. Nineties Tease
  11. Wakin' Up The Dead

This Is The Healing (1991)Edit

LSU - This Is The Healing
This Is The Healing.jpg
  1. Miracle
  2. War
  3. Suicide
  4. Not A Cussword
  5. Hummingbird
  6. Loved One
  7. Shallow
  8. Chucky
  9. G-G-G
  10. This Is The Healing

The Grape Prophet (1992)Edit

LSU - The Grape Prophet
The Grape Prophet
  1. Ellis In The Orchard
  2. Travels
  3. The Fold
  4. Wino Of The Red Is Stained
  5. The Grape Prophet Speaks
  6. English Interpreter Of English
  7. A Group Of Prophets Predicts The Pickers' Future Without Them
  8. She Said
  9. Back To The Orchard
  10. Ellis Converses With The Prophets

Dogfish Jones (1998)Edit

LSU - Dogfish Jones
Dogfish Jones
  1. Dogfish Jones
  2. Storm At Sea
  3. Let Me Out
  4. Barnacle Bob
  5. Down
  6. Greensea Island
  7. Hated Souls
  8. Tell Of The Well
  9. Mercy Maid
  10. Magical Rainbow Door
  11. Seashell Sally
  12. Edge
  13. Shanghai Overdrive
  14. The Boyos

Definitive Collection (1998)Edit

LSU - Definitive Collection
Definitive Collection
  1. Miss Understanding
  2. Tattoo
  3. Deaf And Dumb
  4. Bye Bye Colour
  5. The Bomb
  6. Shaded Pain
  7. Cool
  8. She's On Fire
  9. See Me Fall
  10. This Is The Healing
  11. Wakin' Up The Dead
  12. Double
  13. Rocket And A Bomb
  14. Crash
  15. Good-Byes

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