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Smack The Paparazzi

This song is by LMFAO.

Smack the paparazzi (repeats)

Smack the paparazzi
He's camera drops it
The look on his face
Like he can't believe he clocked me
Stop being so cocky when you are trying to stop me
Just take take the chew what you can and don't try to mock me
Antagonism talking to much lipstick
You will think you want me to slap you like a bitch quick
All up in my business when i am trying to get down
In the back seat of my .. i am trying to hit this round
Down down july brown the butty was popping out
I am stroking like clowns when the paparazzi are popping out
He went click click click with his cannon
I went with my hands on

Smack the paparazzi (repeats)

Oh now they had it a gain
I .. my house with ...
.. every day of every week
Even in my window try to stub me ..
Photos they are taking me to the highest bidder
...oh yeah son you better run cause i got the burner
You shot me i shut at you this time is murder

Smack the paparazzi (repeats)

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