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This song is by LL Cool J.

U gotta feel me feat Jay-Z

Verse 1 no came
Unless you just hating
Unless I'm just hatan
I must be mistaken
Or miss taken as a punk
It's not like there are any truer
Red white and ain't none bluer than
As far as methods
Ain't none cooler than
If you larger than rap
I'm the ruler than
How it does
Don't even care
How it is
How it is
How it ain't
Why I can't say
So what's up
When we die
Hell, we fry
So what's today
Hello, we gay
So what's up
We straight
Or still got issues
We think

You know we from the place
Where we say want to
F-u-c-k what we mean to
F-u-c-k what we need to
And you gotts to

U gotta feel me
U gotta f, f, f, f, f, f
Feel me
U gotts to feel me
Like weed you gotta deal me
Not coming out unless you conceal me
U gotts to feel me
U gotts to

Verse 2 Jay-z

Dodge em'
Me give my heart to
The game
Not for nothing
You always be you
I'll always be me
I'll always be streets
Unless you just hating
Or impolitely making beef with me
Unless I'm just crazy
God just made me that way
Unless I go harder
Brooklyn Carter
Than Brooklyn I'm smarter
Unless I'm a slow jam
No I'm not slow man
Do I need to slow it down
Peace up, I'm Hova man
It's not that your hating
It's not me it's you

Verse 2 No Came

How I came to it
I No Came to it
I guess I was lame wit it
Didn't understand it
Not an A in it
That's how I handlet
Shakespeare not hamlet
Freedom of speech recommended
No not offended
Then again
Watch how I end it

Bridge Jay-Z

It came to damage
You couldn't handle it
It came to bases
You couldn't stand it
It was homeostasis
You couldn't make it
Putting out the same
Unless I'm just clueless
Unless I am toothless
Unless I got two fists
Son I am ruthless
Guilty until innocent
I Proved it
Dope moved it
Are you just hating
Or I'm just paranoid
Blue magic or steroids
When I ryhme
I'm paranoid
You can see why
If not

Verse 4 Jay-z

Talk about the good
Talk about the hood
But I barely care for either
Raps broke, I know, even more
Than Seether, been out for 15 years
I need a breather, stood the test of time
Now I need a cheater, I give out my
Heart without a beater
That leaves me heartless
You'd give out your heart
And be hard less
You'd hard pressed
But that's just true man

Bridge2x Jay-Z
W e from the race were we say what we want
Fuck want we mean to
F what we seem to
And you gotts to

I'm how it does man4X Jay-z

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