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Make It Hot

This song is by LL Cool J and appears on the album Mr. Smith (1995).

Aha, y'nahmean?
Word up, just wanna bring 'em to it real
Real rugged like, uh, man
Make me feel like I'm method out and all that, y'nahmean?
Go diggin, uh check it

I bring the butter, huh
Make you wanna creep up on one another, huh
I'm mad sharp like a box cutter, huh
I got the fam rollin' like brothers, huh
We in the mecca, Moey, rollie glistenin
Rainin on niggas so bad they think it's drizzlin
Ground zero funk track it's mega
Doin' wild damage to your arm, legga legga
Who's that? The bawla, the player, the mister with the techniques
Pumpin blends, creepin' up the backstreets
Throw your rocks up high and let 'em gleam
It's the Uncle what? Uncle L makes a wild scene
And I be blowin' all the rookies out the frame
And they be knowin' Uncle's flowin in the game
Queens to uptown I'm gettin' down for my crown
When you see me comin' through just gimme a pound
And say...

I'm bout to wet it up, get it up
Take a track, drape it in jewels and set it up
I'm so nasty with mines, I warm it up like raw liquor
Dime pieces throw it at me like a free picker
I'm open, I let the funk soak in
I taste like an eighth, ya freeze and start chokin
Yeah son I'm all up in ya mix
Ya callin in your clique, I'm bawlin' wit'cha trick
Golden rocks fallin' off my neck and wrists
When I breeze by, you be groovin in the midst
Of my cycle, every move I make is vital
Crucial, official, brothers sayin' "L we miss you"
Much love to all the shooby doobies and cliques
While you're bawlin' in the coupe you know I had to get the six
Get your swerve on boo, chill wit me
Get me, I want the CREAM, baby hit me

Now take it to the bridge

(Keep it comin' baby)
(Keep it comin' baby)
(Keep it comin' baby)
(Keep it comin' baby) Keep on
(Repeat x3)

Somebody tell me the way I keep comin' up
Funk runnin' up and mad spots is blowin' up
It gets hot when I manifest melodies
Beatin' niggas all in their heads, so what you tellin' me?
Get your drink on, throw you mink on
Let your head nod, stick it out, that's what I'm talkin' bout
I got ya deep deep down inside my mixture
Swervin curbs, servin' as I fixed ya
Formulated and combinated, the people congregated
You frontin for nothin', your crew is overrated
And I'ma take it on down to the AM
Keep the drama flowin till the party cave in
Uh, I get you open, baby come and get a fix
Yo, that's word to mother I be droppin' mad shit
Let's organise, bounce together for real son
Trick a little though, sip a little Moe, peace one

(Keep it comin' baby) Keep it goin' baby
(Keep it comin' baby) Keep it goin' baby
(Keep it comin' baby) Keep it goin' baby
(Keep it comin' baby) Keep on
(Repeat x4)

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