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Rock Candy

This song is by L.A. Guns and appears on the album Hollywood Rehearsal (1998).

Lord yes!

When you need a friend through thick and thin
Don't look to those above you.
When you're down and out, ain't no doubt
Nobody wants you.

But you're rock candy baby.
You're hard, sweet and sticky, yes.
You're rock candy baby.
Hard, sweet and sticky, oh yes.

Hard, sweet and... mmm yeah.

When you're seventeen, and reaching for your dreams.
Well don't let noone reach it for you.
Pull up your pants, stretch out, take a chance.
If it can be done, well, you can do it.

'Cause you're rock candy baby.
You're hard, sweet, and sticky, yes, you are.
You're rock candy baby,
So hard, sweet, and sticky, yes, oh!

Sweet, so sweet.

You're rock candy, baby.
Hard, sweet, and sticky.
Yes, you, you're rock candy, baby.
Hard, sweet, and sticky, yea.
You're hard, sweet, oh yea.

Rock candy baby
Hard, sweet...
Lord you're so ripe.

But, you're rock candy baby, woa yea.
Hard, sweet and...

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