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This song is by L'Âme Immortelle and appears on the album Gezeiten (2004).

My only friend was solitude
And only darkness seemed to care
So I forged this dreadful mask
That I am cursed to wear

Now everyday It's staring at me
Hanging from the wall
"Without me you are useless!"
"Without me you will fall!"

Now I'm scared and I'm afraid
Of the roles that I have played
Of vows I broke and vows I made
Its time to end this masquerade

"Without me no one loves you!"
"Without me you're alone!"
I cannot live without you
I can't be on my own

When I wear you day by day
I am a king, come what may
But I know that some day
I will know the price to pay

I see it clearly now - The end
It's time to say goodbye my friend
I have to live as who I'd be
Without a mask protecting me

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