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This song is by L'Âme Immortelle and appears on the album B-Sides (2006).

Now I lie broken on the ground
No tears are left, no single sound
To express the pain in me
In my deepest agony

Our heaven has become my hell
No more stories left to tell
I fell from grace that very day
Broken and alone

I put you up, you put me down
You left me broken on the ground
You killed my love and broke my heart
You tore it out - ripped it apart

You destroyed what we had built
Our world of honesty
You had all my feelings killed
By your broken heart

The more you learned and grown
The more you hated me
In my blindness you have pushed me
Down into misery

I loved you more than I could say
And we would never part
You'd tell me nearly every day
But still you broke my heart

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