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The Hermit Sessions (2009)Edit

Kyteman - The Hermit Sessions

The Hermit Sessions

  1. Intro – Allstars Anthem (featuring Paradox)
  2. She Blew Like Trumpets (featuring Gmb)
  3. Une Seule Fois (featuring Reazun)
  4. No More Singing the Blues (featuring Omar Soulay)
  5. City Is Burning (featuring Reazun & Paradox)
  6. Blow the Whistle on 'em (featuring Blaxtar)
  7. Sorry (Live in Tivoli)
  8. Pitchblack Darkness (featuring Reazun & Paradox)
  9. Stand for Something (featuring Bangbang)
  10. It Circus (Not) (featuring Unorthadox)
  11. We Know You Know (featuring Reazun & Paradox)
  12. U-Town University (featuring Double G, Paradox, Reazun, King Jule & Master Surrea)
  13. Peace Without the Rest (featuring Paradox)
  14. Outro - Marching Band

Additional information

Real name:

Kyteman is a performance name for Colin Benders.

Also known as:


Kyteman is a member of:

  • Kyteman's HipHop Orchestra
  • The Kyteman Orchestra


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