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Album by Kylie Minogue.
  1. Hand On Your Heart
  2. Wouldn't Change a Thing
  3. Never Too Late
  4. Nothing to Lose
  5. Tell Tale Signs
  6. My Secret Heart
  7. I'm Over Dreaming (Over You)
  8. Tears On My Pillow
  9. Heaven and Earth
  10. Enjoy Yourself
  11. Especially for You (with Jason Donovan) (North American bonus track)
    2012 Japanese reissue bonus tracks:
  12. Just Wanna Love You ('Hand On Your Heart'-B-Side)
  13. We Know The Meaning Of Love ('Tears On My Pillow'-B-Side)
  14. Hand On Your Heart (The Great Aorta Mix)
  15. Wouldn't Change a Thing (Your Thang Mix)
  16. Never Too Late (Extended)
  17. I'm Over Dreaming (Over You) (Extended)
  18. Tears On My Pillow (12" version)

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