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Leavin' Stephenville

This song is by Kyle Park and appears on the album Make Or Break Me (2011).

I'm leavin' Stephenville; I'm packed up and I'm ready
Checking out of my hotel, and I'm always in a hurry
To get home at the end of a long weekend

When I hit that interstate I'm south bound, boys, and truckin'
Tell them girls they'll have to wait; they should know it's all or nothin'
When you're living on the road, there's always a few you know
That never leave

But it's Sunday afternoon
As I pass the city limits sign
Gotta get home soon,
So until next time

I'm leavin' Stephenville, and I'm headed one direction
But we'll never make it there on this single tank unless
I fill it up once again and I pray that the wind stays at my back

I'm leavin' Stephenville and I'm headed straight to Austin
After twelve days on the run I just can't wait to get lost
In my own bed, my own sheets, man, I haven't gotten sleep in so long

But it's Sunday afternoon
As I trace that old white line
Gotta get home soon,
So until next time

I'm leavin' Stephenville
I'm leavin' Stephenville
Oh, I'll be back, but until then,
I'm leavin' Stephenville

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