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What Will Save You

This song is by Kyle Morton and appears on the album What Will Destroy You (2016).

I won't lift you up
And I won't drag you down
I'll be quiet as a mouse in church
No you won't hear a sound
I know it's been heavy
I know you carry a real haul
But I'm lighter than nothing now
In fact, I barely exist at all

Not since I've given it up
I can't take any credit
And I might live to regret it
But now it's done
You ask me: are you ready?
I say it has to be now
We have take ourselves this long
Just wearing each other out
I used to want disciples
Watch them drinketh from my cup
I used to want a fancy funeral
But now I'm just a sucker for your love

All the rest I have given it up
As much as it is tempting
Consume until I'm empty
Enough is enough

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