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The Aftermath

This song is by Kyle Morton and appears on the album What Will Destroy You (2016).

I had you on my mind
In visions more refined
The further back in time

Some friends of friend's estate
Home for the holidays
The smell of conifer and mulled wine
Seducer's calculus
I feigned an accident
Reached out and grazed your neck

My god it's been so long
I see you're moving on
You're right, we're not dead yet

We find an empty room
More catching up to do
And what is one more regret

When I ask you what you want you flash a guarded look
You taunt me with your eyes
As you parse over the aftermath
But in times like these my silver tongue
Returns to me undying love I pine
Until you give it up
And turn out the light

Then the morning takes
The love away
Leaving only ashtrays
And broken bottles

How I long to shake
My own shoulder blades
When I rise before you wake
To avoid the trouble

And when I leave you will owe me nothing

When I leave it will all mean nothing

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