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Survivalist Fantasy

This song is by Kyle Morton and appears on the album What Will Destroy You (2016).

The traffic lights are out and all the phones are dead
Don't answer the door for anyone
Before we lost the power I think the television said
Stay inside your homes wait for help to come
That must have been weeks ago
Now I've got this sinking feeling
You and I are the only ones

Now I'm the last man standing
You are woman's paragon
The garden's ours now we're competitionless
But suppose a third party's necessary
Just to get it on
That the rituals of love demand an audience
I went I found some mannequins
Set 'em up lining the bedroom
The safe words: eyes to God
My love come and lie down with me

The world was ripe
The world was crowded
And in its compound eye
We felt expansive
With the knowledge
We had our whole lives
Yeah we had options
Now our love
While not enough
It's all there is

The truth settled down like a euthanized pet
It's over there's no need to repopulate
Inscribed in our eyes was the grim epithet
Lovers without leverage, we sealed our fate
But there's a chance we can still be saved
I cooked up some medicine, darling
Just drink until there's nothing left

My love come and lie down with me

Yeah, sure. Uh, it starts like this
I'm standing at the top of the stairs and down at the bottom there's this door and someone's pounding on it as hard as they can... trying to get in

So my instinct is to run away but the stairs they don't go anywhere, so I can only go down

Uh, the door itself it's got this - it's got a window in it and through the window I can see the outline of a face but the features are all indistinct and the light outside is this kind of sick, grey twilight

As I'm going down the stairs I have this thought that all of this
Has already happened

Then I reach the bottom and I open the door

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