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Perverse Fascination

This song is by Kyle Morton and appears on the album What Will Destroy You (2016).

If I couldn't have your heart
I would have your body
But each time I possessed you in the dark
I possessed nothing

Your eyes are prison gates
Keeping me in this old house
But if I tried to go you would not hesitate
I'm sure you would let me out
In certain moments I see through everything
You're a bore, we all know it
Everyone has noticed that puppet string
Still need someone to pull it

Now you are carving their names into your mattress
In an imitation of some obscure actress
And I don't know why you keep me around
But I'm easy

Target practice

In the thralls of your indifference
I remain at my station
All my life I've had this unhealthy sense
Perverse fascination

As I lie there I realize I'm not dead and more than that I feel sort of like I've been reborn or something

And I look up to you and your eyes are back to normal and it's just you and you say this... I'll never forget this, you say

Sometimes poison is the cure

And that's it, that's where I wake up

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