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Gestalt of Original Pain

This song is by Kyle Morton and appears on the album What Will Destroy You (2016).

It's hard to maintain
A simple thought through the day
Every voice its own planet
And my mind tends to gravitate
I am pushed I am pulled into every which way
Oh life is the great
Is the great
Is the greatest

I was sleeping fitfully
Troubled by a disjointed dream
One in which my past was a house
All my failure were books to read
I awoke to my cellphone convulsing
Your name across the crystal screen
Oh life does the strange
Does the strange
Does the strangest things
You were sounding okay
Mistaken for the clinically insane
Saying a man down in Texas
Was just waiting to communicate
That I ought to open my mind to his wisdom
And let it radiate
Oh let it wash over me
Let it sing
Let it say

Give yourself a million years to wake up in the morning
And give yourself a million more then if you're still tired
There is nothing
There is nothing
There is nothing but time
We are not sick you and I
Don't you listen to lies

It's hard to explain
But all the forms are contained
When you scratch out the faces and names
In your memory
Close your eyes against the light
Still the pattern remains
It remains in its place
Like an obstinate stain
Gestalt of original pain

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