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Album by Kutt Calhoun.
  1. Self Preservation (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  2. 501s and Rightsides (featuring Brotha Lynch Hung)
  3. I Been Dope (featuring Tech N9ne)
  4. I Don't Like the Look of It
  5. See What Had Happened Was
  6. Same Thing
  7. Jack Tripper
  8. Anthem
  9. It's Goin' Down (featuring BG Bulletwound and Snug Brim)
  10. Baby Mama Drama (featuring Bishop Don Dotta)
  11. That's My Word
  12. Hello and Goodbye
  13. In They Honor (featuring Ben-G Da Prince)
  14. I Been Dope (The Town Remix) (featuring The Popper, Ron Ron and Nesto The Owner)

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