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Close Your Eyes (1995)Edit

  1. Close Your Eyes
  2. Dolores Dream
  3. Ballad of the Sad Young Men
  4. (Hide The) Salome
  5. Married Blues
  6. Storyteller Experiencing Total Confusion
  7. Never Say Goodbye (For Jodi)
  8. Those Clouds Are Heavy, You Dig?
  9. Wait Till You See Her
  10. Hurricane
  11. Now It Is Time That Gods Came Walking Out
  12. Never Never Land
  13. Remembering Veronica

The Messenger (1997)Edit

  1. Nature Boy
  2. April in Paris
  3. The Beauty of All Things
  4. The Dance
  5. Prayer for Mr. Davis
  6. Endless
  7. Tanya Jean
  8. It's Just a Thing
  9. Ginger Bread Boy
  10. Prelude to a Kiss
  11. Time of the Season
  12. The Messenger

This Time It's Love (1998)Edit

  1. My Foolish Heart
  2. I Feel So Smoochie
  3. Freddie's Yen for Jen
  4. My Love, Effendi
  5. Where I Belong
  6. The Very Thought of You
  7. The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing
  8. Rosa Morena
  9. She's Funny That Way
  10. A Time for Love
  11. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye

Live in Chicago (1999)Edit

  1. Downtown
  2. My Foolish Heart
  3. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  4. Oh My God
  5. Night Dream
  6. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
  7. Intro: (Esperanto)
  8. Esperanto
  9. Don't Get Scared
  10. Intro: (Goin' to Chicago)
  11. Goin' to Chicago
  12. Intro: (The Rent Party)
  13. The Rent Party
  14. Blues Chaser

Flirting with Twilight (2001)Edit

  1. Moonlight Serenade
  2. Detour Ahead
  3. You Don't Know What Love Is
  4. Orange Blossoms in Summertime
  5. Not While I'm Around
  6. Early Living
  7. Lil' Darlin'
  8. I Get Along Without You Very Well
  9. Blame It on My Youth
  10. I'm Thru With Love
  11. Say It
  12. While You Are Mine
  13. Je Tire Ma Reverence

Nightmoves (2007)Edit

  1. Nightmoves
  2. Tight
  3. Change Partners/ If You Never Come to Me
  4. Undun
  5. Where Are You, My Love?
  6. And We Will Fly
  7. The Walking
  8. The Sleepers
  9. Leaving Again/In the Wee Small Hours
  10. Anew Body and Soul
  11. I Like the Sunrise

Dedicated to You: Kurt Elling Sings the Music of Coltrane and Hartman (2009)Edit

Kurt Elling - Dedicated To You - Kurt Elling Sings The Music Of Coltrane And Hartman

Dedicated to You

  1. All or Nothing at All
  2. It's Easy to Remember (A Jazz Story Memory)
  3. Dedicated to You
  4. What's New (featuring Ernie Watts)
  5. Lush Life
  6. Autumn Serenade
  7. Say It (Over and Over Again)
  8. They Say It's Wonderful
  9. My One and Only Love
  10. Nancy With the Laughing Face
  11. Acknowledgements
  12. You Are Too Beautiful

The Gate (2011)Edit

  1. Matte Kudasai
  2. Steppin' Out
  3. Come Running to Me
  4. Norwegian Wood
  5. Blue in Green
  6. Samurai Cowboy
  7. After the Love Has Gone
  8. Golden Lady
  9. Nighttown, Lady Bright

Other SongsEdit

  1. After The Love Is Gone
  2. Cool Yule
  3. In the Winelight
  4. Waking

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