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Dormancy of the Ancients

This song is by Krypts and appears on the album Unending Degradation (2013).

Unknown for awakened
Forgotten in the aeons
In the dark unconscious sea
Is the tomb of infinite ones

Bow down
The ancient ones
From the depths

Chthonic unknown enclosed
Nether tales untold
In clandestine sleep everlasting
Deep below the innards of despair

In the darkness away from light
Ancient spirits are dormant
Whispering visions nethermous
Poisoning subconscious

They are one
Separate but one
They are one
Entity nebulous
Sphere nebulous

Bow down
The ancient ones
From the depths

Primal embodiment
Sleeping behind the three eyes
I am the realms and the realms are them
In the inner timeless dimensions

Bow down
The ancient ones...


Music by:


Lyrics by:

Antti Kotiranta

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