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Mask On My Face

This song is by Krucifix Klan.

Mask on my fuckin' face, I'm fiendin' to increase my high
My eyes are bloodshot red as hell, you bitches better recognize

(Verse 1: Crazy Mane)
Look into my killer eyes, you'll see the devil in my soul
Blastin' bullets at yo grill: scorchin, burnin' hot like coal
Step into my dungeon where dead bodies lie
I'm all surrounded by my silhouette at the bloody ritual
I will be unholy, kill you slowly, make you suffer
Slaughter you and drop you in the dirt, you won't reach the hurse
Lucifer the higher power resurrect my deadly friend
Phantom ghoul I wanna sin
I heard a howl in the wind
Acid rain I land in shame
Vemon runnning thought my veins
Head cells corrupted when you look into my maggot brain
Down to stang on you lames
Toss you virgins in the flames
Not from East 99, But a nigga Krept and he Kame

I've been with the realest, the hardlife crew feelest your coughing
I'm feeling your family I'm killing I'm drilling these hollow-?? -bottom- ??? - with bullets you swallow and now you modeling. death ?? damm reefer the reefer geefer the heat seeker with my sigma nine millimeter.

(Verse 2: Playa Rob)
I'm the craziest, betta pay me bitch
Or I'ma rush you with the gun and I'ma take your shit
I ain't never scared, I'm gonna leave you dead
And yo I'm aiming for your chest and I'm aiming for you head
Brains on the floor from a four fifty four right on put a hole in your skull
Betta thank a bit, before you start some shit
I got a drum clip I'm gonna pop this
Cock this glock quick it's the krucifix bitch you can't stop this
Drop this pain clip motherfuckin big slip -???- 'cause yo cheeseclip and beavin -???- we leavin' yo screamin on cold hard -???- bleedin

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