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Mask on My Face

This song is by Krucifix Klan and appears on the album Da Krucifixin 2 (2007).

Mask on my fuckin' face, I'm fiendin' to increase my high
My eyes are bloodshot red as hell, you bitches better recognize

Mask on my fuckin' face, I'm fiendin' to increase my high
My eyes are bloodshot red as hell, you bitches better recognize

Crazy Mane
Look into my killer eyes, you'll see the devil in my soul
Blastin' bullets at yo grill: scorchin, burnin' hot like coal
Step into my dungeon where dead bodies lie
I'm all surrounded by my silhouette at the bloody ritual
I will be unholy, kill you slowly, make you suffer
Slaughter you and drop you in the dirt, you won't reach the hurse
Lucifer the higher power resurrect my deadly friend
Phantom ghoul I wanna sin
I heard a howl in the wind
Acid rain I land in shame
Vemon runnning thought my veins
Head cells corrupted when you look into my maggot brain
Down to stang on you lames
Toss you virgins in the flames
Not from East 99, But a nigga Krept and he Kame

I've been with the realest, the hardlife crew feelest your coffin I'm filling
Your family I'm killing I'm drilling these hollow points into the bottom
These bullets you swallow and now you modeling death
With the damn reaper the reefer cheefer the heat seeker with my sigma nine millimeter

PLaya Rob
I'm the craziest, betta pay me bitch
Or I'ma rush you with the gun and I'ma take your shit
I ain't never scared, I'm gonna leave you dead
And if I'm aiming for your chest then I'm aiming for you head
Brains on the floor from a four fifty four right on put a hole in your skull
Betta think a bit, before you start some shit
I got a drum clip I'm gon pop this, cock this, glock quick it's the krucifix bitch you can't stop this
Drop this pin clip hit yo dome and get yo motherfucking wig split
'Ge yo cheeseclip and we been my fantasy take a re in some weed and you leavin' you screamin on cold concrete while you bleedin and pleading and achieving
To meet death with the reaper and the demons
Now what was you thinking
Bitch you must've been drinking
Evil pimp and playa rob in some choppers
It's 2004 killing coppas
None of you bitches up out in the streets can stop us we robbers

Evil Pimp
Krucifer niggas I'm down to pull triggers
You quick with the shiver what I must deliver
My hypnotic kinda chaotic with evil pimp
I'm down to smoke chronic I'm going bionic
For days
Dropping the bitch in the evil dead cuz I'm crazed
Mess with my words and I'll leave your name printed on sundays new paper front page
??? Sane to embrace ?
??? The fluid I'm flowing and I'm going
I'm blowing to pieces your nephew and nieces
So don't fuck with Niggas with triggers
Just drop it off nigga and get me some
Quick what I needa the heater will come for your daddy yo sister and ?
Evil pimp lemme hit it you bustas will do now try to behave
All of you bustas will get me some more
You'll be meeting and greeting your earlier grave
Throwing the optimal into you fuckers so
Run with the caliber ?

Take out my clip you let Satan rip
I am an insane lunatic
Crazy mane and evil pimp
We krucify niggas that talk that shit
Take me to yo ATM
And give me all the goodies bitch
Oh no mask up on my face to increase my high
Eyeballs blood shot red as hell you bitches recognize

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