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​Wagon Gone

This song is by Krokus and appears on the album To Rock Or Not To Be (1995).

I saw a train rolling fast on a track - in the skies
I couldn't believe it, could I trust my eyes?
Twenty-five wagons loaded up to the roof
Strange kind of matters in a speeded up groove

Look Out - before you ride on
Wagon gone, wagon gone
Slow down - what have you done?
Wagon gone, wagon gone

Engineers, scientists and doctors scratched their heads:
Straight at the buffer - to a high speed crashing end
Well we filled up that train with the latest in high-tech gear...
Than that little child looks up - and he points to the rear:

Look Out - before you ride on...

Far away on the sidings
I viewed the missing cart
My dream was shaken by a lightning
When it changed into a burning heart

We lost our center of command
Gave control of the power out of hand
Without the eyes of a child we are blind
And we'll leave planet Earth behind

Look Out - before you ride on...

Look Out - before you ride on...